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At the Electric Vehicle Awards, we value the support and partnership of organisations that share our commitment to celebrating leadership excellence. Becoming a sponsor is an opportunity to align your brand with a prestigious event that recognises and honours outstanding leaders in the Irish business community.

Why Sponsor Us?

Visibility and Recognition: As a sponsor, your organisation will gain prominent visibility before, during, and after the awards event. Your brand will be recognised and appreciated for supporting excellence in leadership.
Networking Opportunities: Sponsorship provides a unique platform for networking with key leaders and decision-makers from various industries. Forge valuable connections and explore potential collaborations.
Corporate Social Responsibility:

By sponsoring the Electric Vehicle  Awards, you demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility and investing in the growth and development of the business community.

Sponsorship Tiers

We offer various sponsorship tiers to accommodate your organisation’s goals and budget. Each tier comes with a set of benefits designed to maximise your exposure and engagement.
Platinum Sponsor
Gold Sponsor
Silver Sponsor
Bronze Sponsor

Customised Packages

We understand that every organisation is unique. If you have specific requirements or ideas for a customised sponsorship package, we are more than willing to work with you to tailor a sponsorship arrangement that aligns perfectly with your goals.

Get in Touch

Join us in celebrating Electric Vehicle’s in Ireland. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities and how your organisation can become a vital part of this prestigious event, please contact Laura Dunlop below.

We look forward to the possibility of partnering with your organisation to make the Business Post Leadership Excellence Awards an even more re

For Sponsorship Opportunities Contact

Laura Dunlop

Awards Director

Mob: +44 77 5637 6720

Email: [email protected]

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